Teleca Lab is a company specialized in providing services support presale and after the sale of all consumer products in the electronics, telecommunication, wireless systems, mobile phones and IT devices.

Thanks to experience of its managers and technicians, gained over a long time working in after sale sector, Teleca Lab is able to offer their partners a superior service, forming solid support and efficiency leading to added value to the supported products with a consequential increase in return to the brandís image.

Teleca Lab is able to offer global assistance and all the services necessary to guarantee support and added value during the entire lifecycle of the products.

Network operators, distributors, individuals, companies, Teleca Lab is able to supply to each partner, a personalized service that includes logistics, management, distribution, personalization, technical assistance and customer care.

Moreover, thanks to the important agreements with leading companies in the sector, Teleca Lab is able to offer European coverage, strongly contributing to the success of its partners.

From the solution dedicated to the global packet, Teleca Lab is able to meet every demand, offering its partners the best performance and hence added value to the assisted product.

The elevated level of preparation of our highly qualified staff, selected and employed in a young and dynamic environment, with a combined experience of many years, propel our company to high levels in the professional market, contributing to our partners’ competitiveness and success.