Our logistics area is one of the more important keypoints and is at the forefront of our efficiency.

The daily testing of processes and systems guarantees the absolute security of the products and the precision and protection of the material used.

Teleca Lab is able to offer logistical services personalized for each partner and for each type of product, guaranteeing the minimization of costs and the best performance.

Moreover, our logistics area is able to offer presale services (personalization and product packaging) creating flexibility and guaranteeing the partner extremely quick realization times with total regard to quality.

Teleca Lab offers its partners logistical services dedicated to the distribution of products, also providing e-commerce support and dedicated and personalized management of warehouse accessories.

With a management programme of the products dealt with, Teleca Lab offers a management service for the disposal of any type of electronic product, in accordance with the EU law, thanks to the agreements with important consumer and professional Companies specialized and certified to do so.